wordperfect file format

incomplete information

information from file format list 2.0 by max maischein.

if you notice any mistakes or omissions, please let me know! it is only
with your help that the list can continue to grow. please send
all changes to me rather than distributing a modified version of the list.

this file has been authored in the style of the interxxy.* file list
by ralf brown, and uses almost the same format.

please read the file filefmts.1st before asking me any questions. you may find
that they have already been addressed.

max maischein

max maischein, 2:244/1106.17
corion on #coders@irc
disclaimer: this material is provided "as is". i verify the information
contained in this list to the best of my ability, but i cannot be held
responsible for any problems caused by use or misuse of the information,
especially for those file formats foreign to the pc, like amiga or sun file
formats. if an information it is marked "guesswork" or undocumented, you
should check it carefully to make sure your program will not break with
an unexpected value (and please let me know whether or not it works
the same way).

information marked with "???" is known to be incomplete or guesswork.

some file formats were not released by their creators, others are regarded
as proprietary, which means that if your programs deal with them, you might
be looking for trouble. i don't care about this.

the wordperfect files all have a common header - even tough i don't know
anything else about them.
offset count type description
0000h 4 char id=255,"wpc"
0004h 4 byte unknown
0008h 1 byte id=1
0009h 1 byte filetype (see table 0003)

(table 0003)
file types of wordperfect files
01h - macro file
02h - wordperfect help file
03h - keyboard definition file
0ah - document file
0bh - dictionary file
0ch - thesaurus file
0dh - block
0eh - rectangular block
0fh - column block
10h - printer resource file (prs)
11h - setup file
12h - prefix information file
13h - printer resource file (all)
14h - display resource file (drs)
15h - overlay file (wp.fil)
16h - graphics file (wpg)
17h - hyphenation code module
18h - hyphenation data module
19h - macro resource file (mrs)
1ah - graphics driver (wpd)
1bh - hyphenation lex module