col format

information from file format list 2.0 by max maischein.

a col file stores the rgb values for entries in the color palette. both
animator pro and the original animator produce col files, but the formats
are different. to process a col file for input, check the file size. if it is
exactly 768 bytes, the file is an original animator col file. if the file is
any other size, it is an animator pro col file - which makes identification
almost impossible.

animator pro col files do have a 8-byte header :

offset count type description
0000h 1 dword file size, including this header
0004h 1 word id=0b123h
0006h 1 word version, currently 0

following the file header are palette entries in rgbrgb... order. each of
the r, g, and b components is a single byte in the range of 0-255. generally,
there will be data for 256 palette entries, but this cannot be assumed.
the actual number of palette entries is ((size-8)/3); if this value is not
an even multiple of three, the file is corrupted.

original animator col files

a col file created by the original animator is exactly 768 bytes
long. there is no file header or other control information in
the file.

programs:autodesk animator, autodesk animator pro
see also:flic,flt