dbf file structure

i am enclosing a more accurate file layout. note it include
dbaseiii+, dbaseiv, foxbase, foxpro upto and including 2.6.

dbf file structure

bytes description
00    foxbase+, foxpro, dbaseiii+, dbaseiv, no memo - 0x03
foxbase+, dbaseiii+ with memo - 0x83
    foxpro with memo - 0xf5
    dbaseiv with memo - 0x8b
    dbaseiv with sql table - 0x8e

01-03 last update, format yyyymmdd **correction: it is yymmdd**
04-07    number of records in file (32-bit number)
08-09    number of bytes in header (16-bit number)
10-11    number of bytes in record (16-bit number)
12-13    reserved, fill with 0x00
14    dbaseiv flag, incomplete transaction
begin transaction sets it to 0x01
    end transaction or rollback reset it to 0x00

15 encryption flag, encrypted 0x01 else 0x00
changing the flag does not encrypt or decrypt the records

16-27 dbaseiv multi-user environment use
28    production index exists - 0x01 else 0x00
29    dbaseiv language driver id
30-31 reserved fill with 0x00
32-n    field descriptor array
n+1    header record terminator - 0x0d

field descriptor array table
bytes description
0-10 field name ascii padded with 0x00
11    field type identifier (see table)
12-15    displacement of field in record
16    field length in bytes
17    field decimal places
18-19    reserved
20    dbaseiv work area id
21-30    reserved
31     field is part of production index - 0x01 else 0x00

field identifier table
ascii description
c character
d date, format yyyymmdd
f floating point
g general - foxpro addition
l logical, t:t,f:f,y:y,n:n,?-not initialized
m memo (stored as 10 digits representing the dbt block number)
n numeric
p picture - foxpro addition

note all dbf field records begin with a deleted flag field.
if record is deleted - 0x2a (asterisk) else 0x20 (space)
end of file is marked with 0x1a

peter mikalajunas