windows95 inf files format

;this is a template for use when creating inf files.
;if should be given an .inf extension for use

;a very good source of information for windows95 inf files is the
;windows95 resource kit help file, which comes on the windows95 cd.
;usually under \admin\reskit\helpfile\win95rk.hlp read it carefully.

; version section: required
signature=$chicago$ ; windows 95 will not accept inf without this.

;1="install disk 1",disk_label,


; destinationdir:
; defines the destination directories for the [file_list] sections

;anything=04 ; backup directory
;anything=10 ;windows directory
;anything=11 ;system dir
;anything=12 ;iosubsys
;anything=13 ;command
;anything=14 ;control panel directory
;anything=15 ;printers directory
;anything=16 ;workgrou dir
;anything=17 ;inf dir
;anything=18 ;help dir
;anything=19 ;administration dir
;anything=20 ;fonts
;anything=21 ;viewers
;anything=22 ;vmm32
;anything=23 ;color dir
;anything=25 ;shared dir
;anything=26 ;winboot
;anything=28 ;host winboot
;anything=30 ;root of boot drive
;anything=31 ;root of host drive of a virtual boot drive
;anything=32 ;old windows dir if exists



key_runonce = "software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\runonce"
key_current = "software\microsoft\windows\currentversion"