os/2 help format

intel byte order

information from file format list 2.0 by max maischein.

the os/2 help files are different from the winhelp help files,since the winhelp
format is proprietary to microsoft because of the patented lz-packing they
offset count type description
0000h 3 char id='hsp'
0003h 1 byte flags :
0 - inf style file
1-3 - unknown
4 - hlp style file
patching this file allows reading hlp files
using the view command, while hlp files seem to
work with inf settings as well.
0005h 1 word total size of header
0007h 1 word unknown
????h other data
0047h ? char asciiz name of the hlp/inf file
see also:winhelp hlp