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IIS 更新ScriptMaps

作者:未知 来源:月光软件站 加入时间:2005-2-28 月光软件站

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    // for :Dynamic ScriptMapping with Metabase
    Copyright (c) 2003, Lewis Moten. All rights reserved.
    // Name: Dynamic ScriptMapping with Metabase
    // Description:Allows you to assign almost any extension to be processed by the ASPX script processor. You may add, update, and remove the extension progromatically without opening the IIS Manager. Great for those of you who do not have access to the machines desktop (such as hosted at other ISPs).
    // By: Lewis E. Moten III
    // Inputs:None
    // Returns:None
    //Side Effects:None
    //This code is copyrighted and has limited warranties.
    //Please see
    //for details.
    	Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
    		Dim ext As String = "GIF"
    		' Setup extension to be processed by ASPX script processor
    		Response.Write("&lt;BR>Add: " & Mapping(ext, MappingAction.Add))
    		' Update extension to be processed by latest ASPX script processor
    		Response.Write("&lt;BR>Update: " & Mapping(ext, MappingAction.Update))
    		' Setup extension so that it is not processed by any script processor
    		Response.Write("&lt;BR>Delete: " & Mapping(ext, MappingAction.Delete))
    	End Sub
    	Enum MappingAction
    	End Enum
    	Private Function Mapping(ByVal ext As String, ByVal action As MappingAction) As Boolean
    		' Assigns the ASPX processor to the extension specified.
    		' See IIS documentation for information regarding script mapping
    		' http://localhost/iishelp/iis/htm/asp/apro9tkj.htm
    		' Example of Script Mapping:
    		' ".gif,C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\aspnet_isapi.dll,1,GET,HEAD,POST,DEBUG"
    		Dim APPL_MD_PATH As String
    		Dim AppPath As String
    		Dim App As DirectoryEntry
    		Dim ScriptMaps As ArrayList
    		Dim ExtentionExists As Boolean = False
    		Dim ScriptProcessor As String = ""
    		Dim Flags As String = "5"
    		Dim IncludedVerbs As String = "GET,POST,HEAD"
    		Dim NewMap As String = "{0},{1},{2},{3}"
    		' Make sure ext is prefixed with "."
    		If Not ext.IndexOf(".") = 0 Then ext = "." & ext
    		' Make sure ext is lowercase
    		ext = ext.ToLower
    		' Do our best to prevent problems with default script processors
    		Dim BadExt As String
    		BadExt = ".asa.asax.ascx.ashx.asmx.asp.aspx.asd.cdx.cer.config."
    		BadExt &= ""
    		BadExt &= "shtml.soap.stm.vb.vbproj.vjsproj.vsdisco.webinfo."
    		If Not BadExt.IndexOf(ext & ".") = -1 Then
    			Return False
    		End If
    		Response.Write("got here!")
    		' Get application metadata path
    		APPL_MD_PATH = Request.ServerVariables("APPL_MD_PATH").ToString
    		' Format path for ADSI
    		AppPath = Replace(APPL_MD_PATH, "/LM/", "IIS://localhost/")
    		' Attempt to acquire the object
    			If DirectoryEntry.Exists(AppPath) Then
    				App = New DirectoryEntry(AppPath)
    			End If
    		Catch ex As Exception
    			Return False
    		End Try
    		' Get a list of all script mappings
    		ScriptMaps = New ArrayList(CType(App.Properties("ScriptMaps").Value, Object()))
    		' If we are not deleting a script map
    		If Not action = MappingAction.Delete Then
    			' We need to get the latest processor installed
    			' that handles aspx pages.
    			For Each Map As String In ScriptMaps
    				' if the first value of the string is an ASPX page
    				If Split(Map, ",", 4)(0) = ".aspx" Then
    					' The latest script processor is the second
    					' value in the comma delimited string
    					ScriptProcessor = Split(Map, ",", 4)(1)
    					Exit For
    				End If
    			' Processor not found!
    			If ScriptProcessor = "" Then
    				App = Nothing
    				Return False
    			End If
    		End If
    		' Find out if extension exists
    		For index As Integer = 0 To ScriptMaps.Count() - 1
    			' get current map
    			Dim map As String = ScriptMaps(index).ToString
    			' if we found the extension
    			If Split(Map, ",", 4)(0) = ext Then
    				' Determine results based on action
    				If action = MappingAction.Add Then
    					' impossible to add if it exists
    					App = Nothing
    					Return False
    				ElseIf action = MappingAction.Update Then
    					' update the map with latest script processor
    					ScriptMaps(index) = NewMap.Format(NewMap, ext, ScriptProcessor, Flags, IncludedVerbs)
    					Exit For
    				ElseIf action = MappingAction.Delete Then
    					' delete the map
    					Exit For
    				End If
    			End If
    		' Is user attempting to add map?
    		If action = MappingAction.Add Then
    			' Build the new map
    			ScriptMaps.Add(NewMap.Format(NewMap, ext, ScriptProcessor, Flags, IncludedVerbs))
    		End If
    		' Save the new set of script maps
    		App.Properties("ScriptMaps").Value = ScriptMaps.ToArray
    		App = Nothing
    		Return True
    	End Function